Etsy is an online marketplace with thousands of different handcrafted goods. Shop owners’ businesses might be small but there is no lack of creativity or quality. Check out the awesome products that won this years Etsy Design Awards below!


Sure, we love shopping at large retailers like Anthroplogie, Williams Sonoma, Provence Poiriers and bidding on items at 1stDibs. But when we’re in the mood for something more unique—and, in some cases, one of a kind—we turn to Etsy.

The website’s lineup of ever-evolving goods is almost exclusively crafted by creative entrepreneurs. And while shop owners’ businesses might be smaller than those major brands, that doesn’t mean you’re necessarily sacrificing anything in terms of quality or creativity. In fact, since these creators are so passionate about their products, they often go above and beyond to ensure they’re made well. Plus, the fact that there are fewer “rules” and levels to run ideas up the ladder mean that Etsy shops are home to some of the most distinctive, trend-setting, and honestly breathtaking designs available.

To highlight the best of the best, Etsy has just revealed the winners of the 2022 Etsy Design Awards. The top prize earned $20,000, the “people’s pick” scored $5,000, and the category victors took home $1,000 each. The top 12 shops showcase an eclectic mix of creators from the U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany and Israel.


Selected by pros from the digital interior design company The Expert, including Jenna Lyons, Brigette Romanek, Jake Arnold and more, many of the winners’ stories are even more inspiring than their products. Take the Grand Prize Award winner, Tim Stevenson. After he was furloughed during the pandemic, Stevenson transformed his hobby of designing intricate mixed-media wall hangings into a shop, We Are Lunarium.


The Art Category Award winner, Edina “Dina” Dodson, initially started painting as a form of therapy after her mom passed away in 2014. Her shop, ArtByDinaD, continues to be a tribute to her late mom’s.


Prangchat “Deedee” Sathianthammawit, the Clothing and Accessories winner, had a 13-year long career in the New York City fashion world. Now a resident of Utah, she’s turning her attention to a more eco-conscious future—and turning that vision into playful designs she crafts with vintage textiles for her shop, W.B.THAMM.


Meet the winners and see all 100 finalists here, or if you’d like to dive directly into the winning shops…

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