Have the urge to travel but uncertain if your home will be safe while you’re away? Check out these tips below to keep your home secure and intruder-free while you unwind on vacation.

From 9 & 10 News;

We spoke to Steve Wilson, Senior Underwriting Manage at Hippo about a few ways to prepare your home this summer so you can prevent unexpected surprises and feel peace of mind.

Here are the top tips:

  • Activate a security system/alarm: Home theft is highest between June and August. Homeowners should install a security system/alarm system to protect their home and its belongings.
  • Install smart leak detectors: Water damage can be one of the most costly repairs for homeowners, especially if something is leaking for days or weeks while you are away. A smart leak detector can alert you to a problem so you can address it quickly, minimizing damage, vs. walking into a mess when you return home.
  • Make sure your smoke detector is working properly: smoke sensors prevent property damage and save lives.
  • Don’t Turn off your AC: While utility costs are during summer months, and you may want to turn it down, keeping your home at a moderated temperature can protect your home and any pets left behind while you travel.
  • Complete a summer maintenance checklist: Proactively preparing your home for summer will ensure you address small problems, before they become costly repairs. Examples of what to include on your check list are checking weather stripping, insulating your water heater, examining the sump pump, spraying for bugs and installing smart home tech.

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