First impressions always matter whenever being introduced to a new place, person or thing in general. So when someone walks into a new restaurant the first thing that will grab their attention is the decor. Read more below on how to decorate and design a restaurant from Intelligent Living.

From Intelligent Living:

The decor of a restaurant is as important as the service, therefore ideas are needed to make it easier to select the right decor for this space.

Furnishing a restaurant is not easy as nowadays the demands of customers are increasing, aiming for elegance, comfort, and contemporary style reflected in the most minor details of this space.

The furniture and the decor should go with the elements of the restaurant aiming at originality and unique decor. Aim for modernity but at the same time offer comfort and ample space that creates a sense of calm and privacy.

However, restaurant owners are a little scared when it comes to renovating it. A strong reason they are drawn to make renovations is the numerous residues they will have to think about after finishing the work. This should not be a concern for you as hiring a rubbish removal company will be able to pick up any type of waste created by renovating your restaurant.

Some of the most beautiful styles of restaurant decor are found below with some of the most prevalent ones featuring unique and elegant styles.

Featuring a vaulted glass façade, traditional terrace, and two-story space, the restaurant presents a classic design with the predominant bronze colour.

Impressive interior furniture displays unique Victorian features such as large triple-height ceilings as well as modern elements used in the chairs as well as in the shape of the furniture placement.

Another special design which stands out for the modern style of furniture, is the bold colours used in it, unique lighting in shape and composition, as well as of course an unusual combination of colours.

A worthy winner of the title as one of the restaurants with the best design, this restaurant is elegant and full of style, noting the quality of a unique and not often encountered design, in every corner of it.

Lighted and airy, this space features a completely elegant design, where large glass lanterns as well as tiles that resemble parquet but also a unified bronze colour, provide a truly unique and incomparable style for this restaurant.

Bold, fresh, and organic like the food of this restaurant itself, its interior design creates a quiet oasis in the middle of the busy life of the city. This well-lit and airy space with an area dedicated to the grand piano bar, a restaurant set on two floors, as well as an outdoor area and a coffee bar on the outside.

The interior design of this restaurant is completely elegant, poetic, and surrounded by greenery. Surrounded by beautiful flowers, the secluded secluded dining area in the garden area takes you away from the busy daily life and offers you tranquillity and comfort.

A jewel in the crown of the interior design this restaurant displays a sense of sophistication through the illumination of this ambience, with the glittering splendour of copper colour and with the brightly animated spiral staircase downstairs.

Refined and delicate in its simplicity, the interior design of this restaurant is inspired by Japan and its nature, creating an organic aesthetic. The natural stretch and silhouettes of Japanese forests, but also the elements of the tree branches reflected in the ceiling light, on the walls, but also in the astronomical mirrors and in the spacious furniture, make this an impressive and unique design.

Inspired by 20th-century decorative elements, the iconic style offers a perfect design for London’s most amazing restaurant, using colourful backgrounds, delicate marbles and elegant lighting.

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