Some colors just do not go well in bathrooms or any other room for that matter. White is one of those main colors you just should not use in a bathroom, at least designers think so. The color white is stain prone and it can be hard cleaning when it has been stained for a long period of time. Check out some other colors that would not be ideal for the bathroom.
From Express:

This should be particularly avoided in rooms that are frequently used in the morning when many are likely to crave a more energising and refreshing space. 

While some experts urge against white, others suggest avoiding black, similarly for practical reasons.

Leigh Spicher from Ashton Woods says that black is a “poor design choice” in a bathroom, as this dark colour absorbs light and makes it harder to apply makeup and accurately groom yourself – if that is a priority in your space.  

Red is one of the most controversial choices that can be made when it comes to interiors – and the bathroom is no exception. 

While Leigh admits that red is a great way to “embolden a bathroom” and bring “empowerment and strength” to a bathing experience, homeowners should avoid the shade if they’re looking for a more relaxing space. 

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