Giving a face lift to your space can take a lot of time, energy, money and effort. But it doesn’t have to! Don’t have the time? No problem! Here are seven tips to redecorate your room in an hour.

From Metro:

Have you ever wanted to redecorate a room, but the thought of ripping up the carpet or painting the walls felt like more than you can handle?

Renovating – even when it’s just one room – can be a big job. DIY can be stressful and take longer and cost more than you think.

However, there are clever hacks you can use to give any room a huge lift and make it feel completely new, without having to do much at all.

Kane Hughes, an interior designer from MyJobQuote, is confident that you can dramatically change a room for the better, without spending hours updating the décor and furnishings.

Whether this is to refresh an existing living space or give you a few more months to save up for a full redesign, here are Kane’s top tips to redecorate any room in just an hour:

Lift your curtain rod higher

‘Strategically placed curtain poles can help you create the illusion of a much taller room with wider windows,’ says Kane.

‘Install an extra-long curtain rod, keeping it at least two to four inches below the ceiling, so the rod or hardware does not hit.’

Kane says this will trick the mind into thinking part of your wall is really glass.

‘Then, add curtains that drape down to floor-length. Striped or solid-coloured curtains with bold edging will create an illusion of additional height.

‘Avoid heavily patterned curtains with large motifs that will make your room appear smaller.’

Add a large rug to create dimension

Kane says a rug can help make a room look finished and spacious, even when placed on top of carpeting.

‘A trick to create the illusion of more space in a room is to place your rug at the foot of your bed and have only half the bed on it,’ he says.

‘You can also use this trick with other pieces of furniture, placing only the front legs or back legs on the rug.’

Rearrange your furniture

Has your furniture been in the exact same place since you moved? Kane says rather than spending thousands on new furniture, you can work with what you’ve got instantly.

‘Not every piece of furniture needs to be pressed up against a wall or block windows – they don’t even have to stay in the same room,’ he suggests.

‘Consider the function of each piece of furniture and prioritise the placement of larger items. Then experiment with angles so your eyes lead smoothly around a room.

‘Instead of spending hours planning it, break a sweat and just do it.’

Hang a spacious mirror

‘Large mirrors make great focal points and are perfect for quick decorating jobs,’ says Kane. ‘Unlike wall art, you don’t have to spend hours deciding which mirror will match the aesthetic of your space and where to put it.

‘Large mirrors will usually look great in any space and are best hung in the centre of a wall.

‘They work particularly well in smaller rooms, because they add depth and make a tiny room feel less cramped.’

Change the lampshade

‘When was the last time you stopped to notice your lampshade, and the light it gives off to the rest of the room?’ asks Kane.

Probably, never. However, Kane says lampshades can completely change the aesthetic of a room and dictate the amount of light it gets.

‘Opt for a wide lampshade that will spread light evenly around the room and make it appear larger,’ he says.

‘If you don’t want to purchase a new lampshade, you could stencil the inside of your existing lampshade or add wall decal stickers to the exterior.

‘Just make sure to use LED or CFL bulbs, as they won’t get as hot and melt any materials.’

Update your cabinet hardware

While upgrading your cabinets can be expensive, Kane says changing the hardware on your existing cabinets is a quick and inexpensive way to give your living and kitchen areas a makeover.

‘Choose cabinet knobs and pulls in a style you like and drill them on for a whole new look,’ he says.

‘You can even take your existing cabinet knobs and spray paint them in a colour of your choice, or replace them for a more cost-effective solution.’

Bring in a bench

‘Nothing elevates a room faster than bringing in a bench,’ says Kane.

He suggests placing a bench at the end of a bed for additional storage in the bedroom, or bringing it into the living room for extra seating.

‘As well as this, benches come in a variety of textures and designs to match the aesthetic of your room,’ he adds. ‘For instance, a woven bench will bring out the natural, earthy tones in a room.

‘The bench is an understated, versatile piece that can add dimension to any room.’

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