Homes are getting smarter and the push to innovate is continuing to create amazing products. From personal hygiene and care to home management, there are tons of smart home products that are hitting the market to make your life easier. Here 10 innovative smart home products you probably haven’t heard of.

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We’ve all heard about smart devices like smart speakers and doorbells. But some amazing products take smart automation to the next level.

You may not know about them yet, but once you do, they’d probably make it to your most desired devices list. So let’s explore some cool and smart devices.

1. Smart Toothbrush

You might have used an electric toothbrush, but a smart one is designed to improve your brushing technique for a healthier and cleaner smile.

Smart toothbrushes are made by many leading brands like Philips, Colgate, and Oral B. The best smart toothbrushes work along with intelligent apps to monitor your brushing habits, brushing pressure, and guide you to brush better. Plus, multiple modes let you choose the vibration level that suits you best.

Some toothbrushes like the Colgate Hum have smart sensors that help you target spots that need extra care.

2. Noveto N1 Invisible Headphones

You can now enjoy an immersive personal audio experience without speakers or headphones, thanks to the Noveto N1 audio device.

When you stand or sit in front of the N1 device, smart beaming technology beams the sound just outside your left and right ears. The sound will also follow your head when you move from side to side.

It’s like wearing invisible headphones and being immersed in a cocoon of stereo and 3D sound while enjoying music and podcasts, conducting video conference calls, or practicing meditation.

You won’t disturb others around as all they will hear is a whisper—and you can still talk to each other too.

Moreover, the AI-based face, gesture, and sound recognition let you communicate more naturally and intuitively with Alexa.

3. Capstone Thin Cast Smart Mirror

The Capstone Thin Cast Smart Mirror lets you do much more than just groom yourself.

This sleek 1.25-inch smart mirror has an embedded 18.5-inch touchscreen display, stereo speakers, Bluetooth 5.0, and runs on Android OS.

It features two modes: Thin Touch to use as a tablet, and Thin Cast, which lets you share your Android or Apple phone screen and all your apps onto the mirror.

With your phone in microphone range, you can also ask Google, Assistant, Alexa, or Siri to play your favorite music or YouTube videos, and social media feeds—all on the mirror.

So you can follow a yoga channel and check your postures on the mirror. While dressing for work, you could also check your email, schedule, or the news. Or you can apply makeup while viewing tips from your favorite YouTube creator.

It is available in standard and full-length sizes.

4. dcbel r16 Energy Station

Now let the Sun charge your EV and home, and never worry about the power going out.

A small wall-mounted device, the r16 home energy station brings premium DC charging to you as a residential customer. It delivers more energy, a faster full-range charge, and the ability to power your car with solar panels.

The r16 is compatible with the most popular electric vehicle charging standards—J1772, CHAdeMO, and CCS—and you can charge your car in minutes and drive for hours.

When the power goes out, it transforms your EV’s battery into a backup power source for your home.

It connects your energy sources by optimizing the energy flow between your home, EV battery, solar panels, and the grid. This leads to lower emissions, secure energy supply, and saving of money.

5. OtO Lawn Smart Sprinkler

The world’s first all-in-one wireless controller and sprinkler, OtO helps you maintain your lawn effortlessly while saving you time, effort, and money.

OtO automatically waters and applies liquid nutrition and treatments to your garden. So your grass stays healthy and lush, and you also save up to 50% on your water bill.

Easy to install and controllable by a mobile app, OtO reacts in real-time to weather conditions and temperature changes to create the perfect schedule for your lawn.

The solar-powered OtO lets you set up to 10 precise zones so that you water only the unique shape of your lawn and not the sidewalk. Plus it long-range 360-degree nozzle reaches more of your lawn.

6. Cradlewise Self Learning Smart Crib

The Cradlewise Self Learning Smart Crib is like your baby’s sleep guardian. It is designed to help babies aged 0-2 to fall asleep.

This smart crib’s technology detects the early wake-up signs of your baby. It then soothes the baby back to sleep by mimicking the natural and soothing movement of a mom bouncing the baby in her arms.

It also automatically plays curated music and when it senses the baby is asleep, the crib stops softly on its own.

The built-in night vision monitor lets you view your baby on your phone. And you can even track your baby’s sleep patterns.

You can use the Cradlewise Smart Crib as a bassinet for the first few months and convert it to a crib later—making it a must-have smart baby gadget.

7. Smarty Pear Leo’s Loo Too

If you’re a cat family, you will love how Leo’s Loo Too takes care of the least enjoyable part of cat parenting—scooping poop.

Yes, once your cat exits the Loo Too, the smart self-cleaning litter box automatically begins the cleaning cycle and deposits the clumped litter in the waste drawer below.

When the drawer is full, the Smarty Pear app notifies you. Then you can remove the waste and insert a new liner—and Loo Too is ready for your fur baby to do their business.

You can control Loo Too with the Smarty Pear app, which also keeps you updated about your kitty’s activity and health. You can also link it to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Moreover, there’s a three-layer protection system to keep your kitty safe. Plus a programmable UV light that ensures disinfection and odor control.

8. Hexoskin Smart Shirt

Imagine getting insights into your health status, sleep, and personal daily activities just by wearing a shirt. Yes, it’s possible with the Hexoskin Smart Shirt.

This innovative smart shirt is a machine washable garment with textile sensors embedded inside. It enables real-time precise and continuous monitoring of your cardiac and respiratory health, activities, and sleep.

You can connect to the shirt’s electronic monitoring device via Bluetooth and view and share data and reports on your Android or Apple smartphones and tablets.

Available for men, women, and kids, the Hexoskin Smart Shirt is comfortable to wear all day whether you’re following your fitness routine or going about your daily life.

9. Zeeq Smart Pillow

The Zeeq Smart Pillow is crafted to ensure quality sleep. The Zeeq pillow works with its intelligent mobile app to track and analyze your sleep, help you stop snoring, and stream music and audio.

Zeeq will wirelessly stream your choice of music, audiobooks, podcasts, and more through eight precision play speakers inside the pillow.

It monitors and analyzes your sleep. If you’re snoring too loudly the pillow will subtly vibrate to encourage you to change sleep positions.

This comfortable pillow with adjustable thickness wakes you up by gentle vibrations so that your partner doesn’t get disturbed.

Moreover, Zeeq Smart Pillow features Alexa and IFTTT integration so you can connect it with other smart home devices.

10. Sobro Smart Coffee Table

The Sobro Smart Coffee Table is a great addition to your connected home and lifestyle.

You could be entertaining guests at home or watching an NBA game with buddies, the Sobro Coffee Table adds to the fun by making chilled drinks handy and the music deep and loud.

Yes, this touch-enabled coffee table has a refrigerator with precise temperature controls, dual Bluetooth speakers on each side, and LED lights for an amazing ambiance.

With two USB ports and four power outlets, you can always charge your devices and work uninterrupted on your laptop.

Look Forward to a Smarter Life

These reflect the advancement of invention and innovation that is enabling futuristic smart solutions.

So enjoy the smart home revolution as it scales new heights and look forward to a more connected and smarter life.


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